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Université de Genève
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Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences


"Our program aims to contribute to the well-being of society by forming professionals who care. We try to give them an ethical perspective and hope that they will apply and disseminate their knowledge and skills in their future career.

We think that this initiative gives potential students the opportunity to browse through different schools and programs that are related to the Development field and find which course best suits their needs and ambitions.
Choosing an MBA is a very difficult and time consuming decision. We believe that the Studying Development site provides students with useful information which helps them make the right decision and see more clearly what is available for them."
DPM International
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DPM International

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My institution is interested in this initiative because it is a good forum for development practitioners to access opportunities. Ours is the only organisation that offers online courses specifically for development workers. We believe as a member of this website we will bring learning at the doorsteps of persons irrespective of their geographical location.

We believe Studying Development is a very innovative and welcome initiative that will serve the development community well. Keep it up!!"
University of Manchester
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Institute for Development Policy and Management, University of Manchester


"IDPM's objective is to promote social and economic development, particularly within lower-income countries and for disadvantaged groups, by enhancing the capabilities of individuals and organisations through education, training, consultancy, research and policy analysis. We see The Studying Development website initiative as an excellent means of promoting these goals."

Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS)
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Graduate School of International Policy Studies (GSIPS)

Fisher Graduate School of International Business



"As a school founded on the principles of cross cultural understanding, language acquisition, and global awareness, the Monterey Institute is well placed among the top schools offering development studies. Being listed as an Institutional Member will provide opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing in this field that requires local and global solutions to important development challenges."

Georgetown University
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Center for Democracy and Civil Society (CDACS)
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