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Post a Job Vacancy
Post a vacancy announcement on this site for free. We particularly welcome announcements for entry-level positions that offer recent students an opportunity to gain their first experience in the sector. 

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Posting a job vacancy is free and open to all. All levels and types of vacancies are welcome as long as they are relevant to International Development and Humanitarian Aid work.

Given high demand for entry-level positions, and the difficulties graduates face in finding employment in this sector, we particularly welcome vacancies accessible to recent graduates and those with little practical experience.

Practical Steps

1. Make sure you are logged in. Click the link at the bottom to open the Post a Vacancy window.

2. Choose the Category in which the vacancy should appear in.


3. Add a Title. This should consist of the Title of the post advertised, followed by the name of the organisation. For example, a post with Oxfam should be entered as: “Junior Programme Manager – Oxfam”

4. In the “Introductory Text” field add the following details in bold font, using a new line for each:

  • City and Country in which this post will be based,
  • Currency and Level of Remuneration (if Negotiable, Hourly rate, Voluntary or Short-term, please specify)
  • Contract Type that is offered for the job, and if appropriate the duration of appointment (i.e. Fixed-term, Permanent, etc)


5.  You can now add the details of your vacancy in the “Main Text” field. You can either copy and paste existing text from a document or edit the advert online (making sure to save every 30 mins to avoid losing work). Please make sure to include full contact details.

PLEASE NOTE: Most of you will already have a job description and other materials in electronic form. Given space restrictions we prefer where possible to link to them at the end of your advert, instead of re-creating them entirely in the Main Text field.

If you already have the documents online elsewhere, please use the link button to create a hyperlink to where the Further Details can be found (making sure to include the "http://" prefix).

If they are not already on your website or elsewhere that you can link to, you can send them in a separate email to, including the Title of the vacancy in the subject line, and we will make them available on our server.

At the end of your ad, please leave a line break and add the Deadline for Applications and the link to Further Details on separate lines.


6. Now that you are done either save your ad or cancel Posting a Vacancy.

7. Simply wait for us to review and publish the ad. This will usually take less than 48 hours during weekdays. Ads are unpublished 1 day after the Application Deadline. As an option, if you wish to include a logo with your ad please send it to, including the Title of the vacancy in the subject line.

If you need to edit your ad you can do so as soon as it it published by logging in and then navigating to the item in question. Open your ad in full view and click on the edit button . Only your items will have the edit button next to it.

If you run into any problems please don’t hesitate to email us at

Post a Vacancy Now

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