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Post a News Item
All members are welcome to share their news stories. Posting a News Item is also a great way to create awareness of your organisation’s work.

Skip Instructions and Post a News Item Now


Any member can post a News Item. Items can range from in-depth articles and university news to special announcements from Training Providers. News Items should be relevant to one of the following categories Training, Study, or Practice News.


If you are not the author of the News Item, please make sure to check copyright permissions first. We cannot accept items posted in breach of copyright. Most websites will have a clear policy on partial or complete electronic reprint on other sites. 

Practical Steps

1. Make sure you are logged in. Click the link at the bottom to open the Post a News Item window.

2. Choose the Category in which the News Item should appear in.


3. Add a Title. If you are not the author, please make sure to use the original title.


In the “Introductory Text” field, you can now copy and paste a maximum of around 200 words of your News Item. This is the text readers see when your Retrospective is not in full view. If you are not the author, please precede your text with the authors full name and the source, followed by a line break. If only partial reprint is possible, please add the article’s url at the bottom of your “Introductory Text”, and skip step 5.


5. You can now add the remainder of your article in the “Main Text” field. You can either copy and paste existing text from a document or edit the article online (making sure to save every 30 mins to avoid losing work).


6. Now that you are done either save your article or cancel Posting a News Item.

7. Simply wait for us to review and publish your News Item. This will usually take less than 48 hours during weekdays. As an option, if you wish to include any images with your News Item, please send them to, including the Title of the article in the subject line.

If you need to edit your News Item you can do so as soon as it is published by logging in and then navigating to the item in question. Open your article in full view and click on the edit button . Only your items will have the edit button next to it.

If you run into any problems please don’t hesitate to email us at

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