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Global social policy: International organizations and the future of welfare PDF Print E-mail
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Contributed by The Editors   
Global social policy: International organizations and the future of welfare(1997) by Bob Deacon with Michelle Hulse and Paul Stubbs
Studying the impacts of globalization on social policy-making, this text reviews international institutions' social policy discourses.

The authors argue that, these institutional influences are increasingly felt, in what had previously remained a "domestic" policy area.

Thus they argue that the substance of social policy now has to be understood in terms of global social redistribution, global social regulation and global social provision and empowerment. An international or at least transnational welfare regime.

This book draws heavily on the authors' experience as a consultant and provides rich case material on recent developments in what the authors term "post-communist social policy". This is a very detailed yet readable book, which remains one of the most thorough analyses of the subject.

Cover description:

Global Social Policy looks at the impact of the globalization process on social policy. National social policy is increasingly determined by global economic competition and international organizations. Its substance is becoming more transnational and now has to be understood in terms of global social redistribution, social regulation, social provision, and empowerment. This book examines trends in global inequity and summarizes the diverse experiences of different welfare regimes across the world. The authors review the social policies of international organizations such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, UN agencies, and the European Union, and show them to be engaged in heated controversy regarding the future for welfare. They argue that this concealed global discourse needs to be brought into an accountable arena. Global Social Policy will be invaluable reading for students and academics in social policy, international relations, political science, and development studies.

BOB DEACON is a Professor of Social Policy at Sheffield University, UK and STAKES (National Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health, Helsinki) and Director of the globalism and social policy porgramme (GASPP). MICHELLE HULSE is a Research Assistant and student at Leeds Metropolitan University, UK. PAUL STUBBS is a Research Fellow attached to GASPP.


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