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Working in International Development and Humanitarian Aid
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Contributed by The Editors   
Book: Working in International Development and Humanitarian Aid (2004) by Angela Higney and Piero Calvi-Parisetti
This is a useful addition to the limited resources available to help guide students and professionals wishing to work in international development and humanitarian aid.

Written by authors with extensive personal experience of working in the sector, this book provides a very accessible introduction and overview of what development aid is, its main institutional actors, what it takes to get started, develop your career, as well as how the main institutional recruitment schemes work.

This book comes in four “localized” editions (North American, Italian, Irish, and UK) reflecting the variety of institutions and the mix of opportunities dependent on citizenship.

It also features personal accounts from professionals working in the sector, which offer an interesting insight into what working in this sector is like and how people’s careers develop.

This is a very useful guide to anyone embarking on a career in development or humanitarian aid. It provides real insight into what can often seem a very confusing and ill-documented range of professional activities.

The book is published in electronic format and the introductory chapter is available for perusal free of charge. Complimentary copies are available to NGOs.


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