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This is a collection of former students’ retrospectives about their study experiences. These are personal accounts and should not be seen as objective assessments of any given course. Nonetheless, they aim to be informative and provide an “insider view”. Anyone is welcome to contribute their account and should read the guidelines here. Please note that the views expressed are solely those of their authors, and in no way necessarily reflect the views of the editorial team.
MA International Development Studies at Saint Mary's University
Contributed by Stefanie Carmichael   

Year of graduation: 2007

Stefanie-Carmichael.jpgWhen I was pursuing my undergraduate degree, I got lost in the over 60,000 students that were at my university. At Saint Mary’s University, where I am currently working towards my Masters in International Development, not only have I found an interesting and rigorous program, but I am also studying with professors who are giving me the personal attention I need to challenge my abilities.

The International Development Studies program at Saint Mary’s provides a wide range of stimulating and relevant courses, covering everything from development economics to project management to gender issues and forced migration, while also offering the opportunity to interact with a diverse student body. With students and professors who hail from all parts of the world, this program combines the best of both worlds – top-notch academics with unique first-hand experiences.


This M.A. program at Saint Mary’s is such that I feel confident in the options I will have available to me upon graduation. The IDS department at Saint Mary’s has well-prepared me to help tackle the very problems we are studying and to be a part of the global solution.


  • Scholarships available for all students
  • Opportunities to study/travel overseas
  • Small class size means high level of interaction with professors
  • Wi-fi hotspots throughout campus
  • Beautiful campus setting with state of the art athletic facilities (everything except a pool!)
  • Heavily theory-based program (great if you like theory!)
  • Expertise of professors leans towards Latin America
  • Confusing class credit valuing system (but navigable)