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This is a collection of former students’ retrospectives about their study experiences. These are personal accounts and should not be seen as objective assessments of any given course. Nonetheless, they aim to be informative and provide an “insider view”. Anyone is welcome to contribute their account and should read the guidelines here. Please note that the views expressed are solely those of their authors, and in no way necessarily reflect the views of the editorial team.
MSc in Public Administration and Development at the University of Birmingham
Written by Lydia Emer   

After 14 years of searching, I finally discovered a postgraduate programme that allows me to combine learning with a full-time job and raising a family. I was fortunate to receive my bachelor's degree from Birmingham, and discovered the postgraduate course in public administration through research on the web. The course is a powerful combination of faculty-directed learning, group discussion and research via the e-library. More than anything, I value the opportunity to interact with a community of students that is drawn from almost every continent of the world. As a person raised in the UK, and living in the US, I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from the wisdom and experience of folks who have traveled and live further afield. I feel that I have the opportunity to learn greater lessons, through the myriad of perspectives, than would be available in a class environment in the US.

The course is the best thing I have ever done for myself - even with the timed assignments.

The faculty are relatively easy to access, and the staff are always available to help (allowing for time zones). There is an incredible sense of community, friendship and closeness, even though we are physically distant. The library is always available, and has a good range of material.

I highly recommend the course if you are a self-directed student, who is eager for a greater understanding of the world and globalization. 

Lydia Emer, MSc in Public Administration and Development 

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